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Peach Growers Information Publications and Factsheets

Packaging Requirements for Fresh Fruits and VegetablesHTML09/01/1996
15. Tree Fruit and NutsNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
2018 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual MAIN DOCUMENT2018 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals ManualHTML12/01/2017
Producing Tree Fruit for Home UseHTML01/01/1999
Growing Peaches in North CarolinaHTML01/01/2000
Training and Pruning Fruit Trees in North CarolinaPDF01/01/2008
Design of Room Cooling Facilities: Structural & Energy RequirementsHTML06/01/1991
Proper Postharvest Cooling and Handling MethodsHTML12/01/1989
Chemical Weed Control2018 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals ManualPDF12/01/2017
Chilling Requirements of Selected Peach VarietiesHTML01/01/1993
Fertilizer Use2018 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals ManualPDF12/01/2017
Insect and Disease Control of Fruits2018 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals ManualPDF12/01/2017
Oriental Fruit MothHTML02/23/2015
Container Garden Planting Calendar for Edibles in the PiedmontPDF01/01/2011
Synthetic AuxinsHTML07/13/2015
Opportunities in Growing Fruit TreesHTML11/19/2015
Vegetable Crop IrrigationPDF01/31/2001
Photosystem II – Triazine HerbicidesHTML12/14/2015
How to Create a Container Garden for Edibles in the North Carolina PiedmontPDF01/01/2012
Guide to Deciding When to Start and Stop Irrigation for Frost Protection of Fruit CropsPDF02/28/1998
Peach CultivarsPDF01/01/1983
2016 North Carolina Peach and Nectarine Disease and Pest MangementPDF02/03/2016

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