Dr. Mike Parker, NCSU Fruit Tree Specialist, Seriously Injured in Equipment Accident

— Written By Dr. Mike Parker

Dr. Mike Parker was seriously injured Wednesday when the lift in which he was pruning pecans toppled over. He is currently in intensive care where he is undergoing surgeries for arm and leg injuries. His family requests holding all calls, texts, and personal visits during this difficult time. Cards may be mailed to Dr. Mike Parker, c/o NCSU Horticultural Science, Campus Box 7609 Raleigh, NC 27695, or deliveries to 2721 Founders Drive, Raleigh, 27695. Updates on Dr. Parker’s condition will be posted on this site as information is available. If horticultural assistance is needed, contact your local county agent. This map can provide your county’s contact information if you need it.

Dr. Parker is much loved and appreciated as someone who has always put his work with growers across the state as his highest priority. He and his family are in the thoughts and prayers of many during this challenging time.