Airblast Sprayer Survey for Fruit, Nut, and Nursery Growers

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A long-time allied supplier, Leinbachs, Inc. closed very suddenly. Many growers who use them are unaware of this if they have not inquired about parts, repairs or sales in the last few months.
Leinbachs support of their equipment was responsive and professional according to growers. When growers have a mechanical problem, they may be surprised when they have to deal with the manufacturer in Italy for parts and do their own repairs. Growers who have been talking to potential dealers have learned that dealers don’t have enough information about usage to be interested in picking them up.

If you have a Tifone airblast sprayer and would like to see a dealer pick up this product line including parts and repairs please complete the survey at the link below by filling in your contact information and submit it by clicking “Done”. If you do not own one and know someone who does or might own one, please forward to them. Doing this may result in a dealer in the US picking up parts and service which may lead to speedier part acquisition and repairs.