Peach Orchard Frost Protection and Weed Management

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Wind machine

Wind machine at Johnson’s Peaches

A workshop on peach orchard frost protection and weed management will be held Wednesday, August 16, at the Candor Lions Club on School Street. The meeting will begin at 5:30 with a presentation by Wayne Mitchem with a timely presentation on orchard floor management. Dinner will follow, sponsored by Orchard-Rite. Then a presentation on frost protection, “Integrating wind machines, supplemental heat, and varietal selection” by Dave Harmening, Wind Machine Sales, Orchard-Rite. Finally, the evening will wrap up with a wind machine demo at Chappell’s Orchard.

1 hour of NDOX will be provided by attending this program. Please call 910.997.8255 or 910.947.3188 to rsvp for the meal. There is no cost to attend.